July 4th, 2018

Anne - Redheaded snippet

Deleted fic: seeleyboothfan

Hi all,

I'm trying to track down a few fic by seeleyboothfan who deleted all of her fic from AO3, FF.net, S&C as well as their tumblr.

Here's a few of the fic that I'm missing (but I'll take whatever you have):

Reunited and it Feels… So Good? Kurt wanted to blame what happened on the fact that he was intoxicated, but maybe it was fate? Everything about Blaine seemed more predestined than seemed normal. Whatever it was, it happened and Kurt was going to have to deal with it. AKA 10 years after breaking up with Blaine, Kurt mistakenly contacts him for booty call and Blaine accepts.

The One To Hold My Heart Blaine said he would keep an eye on Burt for Kurt while he was living in New York and he’s sticking true to that. They’ve agreed to try being friends again but they both know they’ve never stopped loving each other. What can the coming months bring for both of them?

The Very Image of You Kurt fell in love with Blaine twice… that’s not necessarily true, but it’s as close as can be explained. Kurt never stopped loving Blaine and got a second chance to rekindle that love… again, not actually true, but close enough. Kurt loved two men in his life, both with the name Blaine, and both with the same beautiful face, but different enough that they weren’t the same person… not entirely, at least.

The Tragedy of You and Me Kurt Hummel lives in a society where, between the ages of 20-30, you can choose to erase portions of your memory for the right price. After so much pain in his life, Kurt moves forward with the procedure. He’s oblivious and happy until the day he finds himself on a blind date with a certain curly haired, hazel eyed man. Can a once-in-a-lifetime love happen twice?

I already have Loves and Loaves, An Advent-turous Life, Along the 50, It Must Have Been Love, It's Too Late, The Most Unlikely Soulmate, No Light at the End, and Proud of Your Boy, and I tracked down Reunited, which I'll gladly email to anybody who wants them.