November 29th, 2017

  • grlxplr

klaine failed adoption, Marley Rose birth mother

I'm looking for a Klaine adoption fic I read a little while ago, but I don't remember where. It was written before 2014. Kurt and Blaine plan to adopt a child but at the last minute the Mom (Marley) backs out, wanting to keep her child. Both Kurt and Blaine take the loss hard but in this fic I think Kurt has a bit greater difficulty.

Some time later Kurt runs into Marly and the baby in the grocery store and Kurt sees that Marley is struggling financially and emotionally in caring for her child. She loves the baby (can't remember if she had a boy or girl) but it is much harder than she anticipated and she has no family/friend support.

Ultimately Kurt ends up going to visit Marley in her home a few times and brings some supplies for the baby. I think Blaine is unaware of what Kurt is doing until he comes home early and Marley and the baby are at their (Klaine's) home.

I don't remember how the story ends, and would love to reread, anyone have any ideas?