August 12th, 2017

Looking for Klaine Fanfiction

Hi I'm looking for any Klaine fanfiction were Finn is jealous of Kurt and Blaine reationship.bonus point if he finds out Kurt and Blaine are having sex and he get Jealous that Kurt having sex and he's not
  • dgpolo

Looking for NYADA? fic

This is going to be very vague, I can't remember much. I'm pretty sure Kurt is at NYADA and something happens, someone accused him of something or lies about something he's done? I assume the ship is Kadam but only because of NYADA, I'm not sure about it. The part that stands out the most for me is, near the end of the story someone, a girl, comes forward with proof that Kurt is innocent of whatever he was accused of, she had the proof for a while but for some reason kept it to herself. At the end Kurt confronts her to ask why. Sorry, so vague.

Found! in comments, and it was Klaine not Kadam so kudos to finder.