April 23rd, 2017

Find specific Kurt/Blaine fic

Hi, I lost one of my favorites fics. It was in Archive of Our Own. It was about boypussy!Kurt who lived in a small village and had magic, but people are not allow to go outside the village because some kind of vampire monster lurk outside. Kurt goes to help his friend (Rory, I think( and he is kidnapped by Blaine, who then rapes him. Marley, Jake, Puck, Kitty are also vampires. Rachel and Adam live in the village with Kurt. Sebastian in Blaine's enemy. Santana, Quinn and Brittany are witches. I hope you can help me find it.

Long Klaine Fanfiction

Hey so I'm looking for any long Klaine Fanfiction with a interesting storyline that don't really follow the storyline of the actually show. Where they met, get together, and start dating in a different way then they do in the show. I like dramatic stories which could involves a break up or a character injury or something else but I want Klaine to be end goals ones where they end up together by stories ends also no stories where Kurt or Blaine die those just make me sad. Please only full and complete stories not works in process or abandoned stories. THANK YOU