February 20th, 2017


Enchanted with Klaine

I'm looking for a Kaline fanfic I read a while ago with Kurt as Robert and Blaine as Giselle from Enchanted. Rachel and Quinn get together and I'm 99% sure Sebastian is the evil queen character. It's mostly fluffy and Kurt teaches Blaine how to masturbate.

Hopefully someone will know this and thanks!

Force age play Kurt/ Famous Blaine

So never done this before so sorry if I do something wrong.
Anyway I'm looking for any Fanfic's with Baby kurt but being force by someone to act that way. I read Baby Boy by pictureimperfect on Ao3. And one where Finn and Rachel are Kurt's Mama and Papa. Anything like that be awesome.
Other one, where Blaine is some how famous and he meets Kurt. And they start to date. The paparazzi find out somehow and they both have to come to terms with they new fame.