September 4th, 2016

  • grlxplr

Specific Search - Klaine AU New York based, Barista Kurt, Wealthy Blaine

I'm looking for a Klaine AU; I think it was a relatively long story. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3.

Blaine is a party boy who works in the family business, but I don't think he takes it too seriously. For appearances (at the request/insistence of his family?) he publicly dates women, who think he's straight, although he is out and privately has fun with with many different random men. Santana is his very close friend who likes to spend his money. Blaine meets Kurt, who is a college student, at the cafe/restaurant in which Kurt works and he's quickly smitten, I think he sends Kurt little gifts. Santana is suspicious of Kurt, thinking he's a gold-digger.

His most frequent female date learns that he's gay (possibly because Blaine's father is forcing an engagement?) and she becomes Blaine's ally in getting great at his job to prove some point to his family, so he can be taken seriously instead of just being bait for the daughters of his father's business partners (or something).

Lastly, I think Blaine has a dog.

Thanks for any help finding it.
  • lily292

Kurt at Dalton

So, I had this saved but deleted it accidentally.
It was a Kurt at Dalton but it was focused on Wes, David, and Blaine trying to get Kurt used to being touched and being safe. It was on livejournal and I'm pretty sure it was on the glee angst meme. I think there was a part about Kurt freaking out because Wes or David came up to him with a slushy and he thought they were going to throw it at him and they ask why his eyes are closed (it might have been from a different fic) but I'm pretty sure there was another part where he freaks out when he bumps into a jock and Blaine comes to find him.

QAF Crossover

I don't remember much but I'm looking for a story where Kurt go to Dalton Academy and I think he was living there. Justin Taylor goes to Dalton too. Later on in the story Brian Kinney, Justin's boyfriend came to the school to visit Justin and he needed to shoot an ad and he use the warblers. It a Klaine and I think I read it on