August 6th, 2016

Kurt and his Warbler Friends - specific fic

Hi! Does anyone remember a fic where Kurt was still at Dalton and the Warblers came home with him for the weekend? It was a sleepover and all the boys were impressed with Burt (cuz he's awesome) and the relationship between he and Kurt. I don't remember if Kurt was dating anyone...

Secret relationship or marriage

I'm looking for any Kurt pairing where their relationship is a secret or where they eloped/are secretly married. I'm especially hoping for fics that are reasonably canon adjacent (ya know, not historical, normal New Directions/McKinley) and I'm really not picky about pairing as long as Kurt is one of the couple (I'm fine with poly ships too)

Any suggestions? (I've already read Story of Three Boys and the Donut Verse. Multiple times.)