June 29th, 2016

Blaine steroid abuse

I'm looking for fics based around episode 4x07 where Blaine rejoins the warblers and because he's so depressed about the breakup, doesn't care enough about anything to refuse the steroids. I know I've read one that fits this description and I think I remember his steroid abuse getting really serious but not much else. If anyone knows this specific fic or any others that vaguely fit this desciption I'd love to read them. :)

Blaine/Kurt alcohol dependent

I'm looking for fics where either blaine or kurt are struggling with alcohol. They've been really struggling with bullying or the pressure of NYADA or something and start drinking to cope. Starts off with small amounts of drinking but soon turns into full blown alcoholism and they can't stop. Preferred if no one notices until the situation is really serious, hospitalisation because of alcohol related injuries or alcohol poisoning is a must but happy ending preferred.