December 22nd, 2015

Specific fix search: Winged Mutant!Kurt flies to Dalton

Hey there!

I'm looking for a specific wing fic of Mutant!Kurt. It is set where everybody hates mutants/ hybrids, so Kurt binds his wings everyday at McKinley, but his wings come out when he is really stressed. I remember there's a scene where Mr Schue discovers Kurt's wings in a bathroom somewhere. There's also a scene where Kurt flies from (McKinley's football field?) Lima, lands in a tree and an old woman starts throwing rocks at him. He flies to Dalton and lands in the grounds, and I think Wes or Thad discovers him, but since there's a no bullying policy there he doesn't find it odd?

I've been searching for this fic high and low, so any help finding it would be much appreciated :P Thank you so much and have a good day!

Found! - Milonga Del Angel ( by tinak_47