October 10th, 2015

slash emu

Klaine theater performance w/ Karofsky

I thought I was looking for the one where April Rhodes launched an unauthorised Wicked! production, but I was wrong. So:

The story I'm looking for has Kurt participatig in an off-school theater/musical production and among other things he has to navigate David Karofsky also being in the cast. It's a Klaine fic, but I'm not sure if Blaine is also in the play.

Does anyone recognize this?

ETA: After searching on and off for a few days I'm now convinced that I was looking for Our Last Summer by oncethrown. The musical plays way less of a role than I thought, but that's what can happen when you've only got one tiny little tidbit stuck in your head... It's unfinished, but longer than the first time I read it :)