October 9th, 2015

All Signs Point to Lauderdale

Hi I'm looking for a copy of this fanfic (All Signs Point to Lauderdale). I have heard a bunch of people that liked this FanFiction on glee finders, I do know there was a thread going of people looking for this awhile ago. I for the life of me cant find it( and I feel kind of dumb that I cant :( ). I would love to read this so if someone could please direct me to the thread or where I can read this I would be very thankful.
PS. please forgive me if I tag wrong this is the 2nd time posting please feel free to correct me. :)

(no subject)

So this is my first time doing this but there is this fic that I can't get out of my mind. I remember that Kurt was working at Vogue for Isabelle but they ended up wanting him to become a model because they loved his look. Also I remember that Santana ended up being a model too. The only other thing I remember for sure was that Rachel started to get jealous because they were getting famous and she wasn't. I really need help looking for this fic.