October 7th, 2015

Help! I'm looking for a specific sebklaine fic!!!!!

I'm looking for a specific sebklaine fanfic! that I read a year ago. Kurt is raped in college in a fraternity party after Rachel leaves him there. His case is handle by Finn from law & order svu (ice cube or ice t character-cant remember who is who). Afterwards, he makes friends with Finn's son who is also gay and has a boyfriend. He leaves Nyada and moves with them changeing his career becoming a counselor and working in a community center. He dumps Blaine after the rape without telling him about it. Later on, Blaine and Sebastian become a couple and Sebastian resents Kurt for leaving Blaine thinking he cheated with Finn's son not knowing the real reason behind it. He also knows that Blaine still cares for Kurt. Years passed and the government declares that every gay couple had to have a carrier to reproduce having all carriers in the system to be paired. Kurt is a carrier able to get pregnant. Blaine and Sebastian look for a carrier in the system to have their baby and see kurt's name in the list and Blaine chooses him. Sebastian at first was nasty to kurt until he learns the truth and later on falls in love with him making it a sebklaine relationship. The story begins with Blaine selecting Kurt as their carrier and later finding out what happen to Kurt in college and his sudden change wanting to protect and love him and Sebastian wanting it as a well later on.

I hope someone knows the story I'm talking about...really appreciate any help given.