September 18th, 2015

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Angels May Tread by LucyToo?

Hey guys, does anyone have a saved file of 'Angels May Tread' by LucyToo? It's a supernatural fic with werewolf!Dave, vampire!Blaine, and normal Kurt. I've heard it's amazing but all trace of it seems to have been wiped off the internet. Really hope someone has it saved.


Season 6

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any stories post-6x1 Klaine breakup where they don't get back together?
Maybe Blaine can't forgive Kurt for the way he ended it, or maybe they both mutually decide that being separated is actually for the best. I don't mind if they become friends again afterwards, but I'd really like to read something that doesn't end in them getting back together (also, I'd prefer it not to be Blainofsky end game either...). Bonus points for Blam friendship!