August 3rd, 2015

Kid!fic kinda, like through the years kinda thing

okay for real I have been looking for this fic for like a million years like i only made this account to find it. Okay I read this a while ago but what I remember is that kurt/blaine met when they were like 8 and they became boyfriends like straight away even though they know they didn't really know what it meant. Then like each chapter is like a bit of their lives throughout. I remember the first chapter is that its their 8th anniversary and like blaine's freaking out over his hair, and then a few chapters it comes back to them going to a family gathering over the years. There's also french kissing for the first time and new glee members freaking out over them being so easy with eachother and also their parents are super supportive and they stay over all the time and kurt cooks breakfast. it was multi chapter and i'm not sure if it was ever finished. PLEASE HELP ME