July 24th, 2015

Soulmate Kurtbastian

Hello! Some time ago I read an uncompleted fic about kurtbastian being soulmates.The name of your soulmate is wrote on your wrist and if he dies it turns black from blue.Sebastian's soulmate's name was black and he thought he was dead.All the characters had some special powers that were stronger when getting closer to their soulmate.It was a historical fic if I remember correctly ,Sebastian being the adopted son of some kind of king and Kurt working in his father's bakery.Help please?If it helps , I think I read it on fanfiction.net

Specific search: Klaine, Soulmates, Famous Blaine

I'm looking for a fic (can't remember title or author) where Kurt is roommates with Rachel in New York, and has never searched for his soulmate (there is a procedure which you can opt to do to reveal who is written on your skin, or something along those lines) because of a bullying experience in high school. He finally does the procedure and Blaine Anderson is written on his skin, but doesn't really think it's the world famous Blaine Anderson. One day Rachel takes him to a Blaine concert he sees Blaine in the bathroom and shows him his name on his skin. Blaine thinks it's a hoax (this has happened to him before). Kurt resorts to posting on social media to get Blaine's attention and convince him that he's really his soulmate.


I am looking for a certain story but any stories of this trio are welcome. The story is the trio live together, but Kurt doesn't think that Sebastian likes him and Blaine seems to be pulling away so when Blaine and Sebastian go on a vacation Kurt can't take, he moves out and into this really rundown apartment. He throws himself into his job and starts to get sick.