June 14th, 2015

AU Kurt, Blaine and Santana are (closeted?) actors

I'm looking for an AU and mostly what I remember is Blaine is a lead in a film, playing opposite Santana who has a reputation for being difficult; Kurt is in the film or involved in the making of it as well. I think they all might be closted (due to agent's 'concern' for their carreers) but I'm very sure Santana is closeted against her better intentions and I think that's the basis of her being difficult.

She notices Blaine's interest in Kurt and in her bristly way tries to help him out. I am mostly remembering the Santana parts but it is a Klaine AU/story. Sanatana does eventually come out publicly and she and Blaine become friends (at least friendly) as well.

Any help greatly appreciated!