June 4th, 2015

Searching for a specific BDSM Kurt/Blaine fic

Alrighty, I don't remember to much about this one. I know it was a Dom/sub story, Blaine was the Dom. Kurt the sub. I believe it was multi chapter. In any case at one point in the story Blaine has to introduce Kurt to his family, and it didn't go to well as Kurt and Blaine were not following all the "traditions" so to speak so Blaines mother was less then pleased with Kurt speaking out of turn during the rather large family meal. I also know it was an AU story. If anyone knows what this fic is I'd be very grateful for the link.

Looking for a klaine fic with supportive Burt


I'm looking for a fic about how Kurt first came to Dalton. I think he was raped in a lockerroom and willed he called for help, he was hit by a car in the parkinglot. He breaks (I think) both of his legs and starts at Dalton in a wheelchair.
Rachel is very jelaoux of him and slaps him in Dalton parkinglot, and Kurt gets a dog for protection.

Hopefully somebody can help me find it :) 


Hi I am looking for good father Burt whom is supportive of Kurt and his boyfriend but it must not include Klaine and if it does in a brake up capacity only because most of the fics I have found have something to do with Blaine.

Bashing of characters is okay but not required
Kurt does not have to be in a relationship but if he is slash please.

Thank you