April 15th, 2015

Klaine Reatily TV Show

So I have been into this Klaine Reatily TV Show kick Where Kurt and Blaine are on Reaity TV Show I have read some were there on The Bachlor and America Next Top Model as well as Survival. But I was wondering if there was were they are on The Show Big Brother.
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Specific Klaine Fic

This is my first post so sorry if I do this wrong. But I remember reading a Fic and I only remember small things from it but I would love to read it again. It took place at Dalton. Blaine was a senior and I think an athlete and Kurt was a junior, was smaller than Blaine (I remember he would wear Blaines sweatshirt) I remember there was another couple but can't remember who. It was completed because there was a sequel that I don't believe was ever finished. I can't remember much else about the Fic. I think Kurt was bullied so came to Dalton and he may have dated someone before Blaine but really I just remember like a cute smaller than Blaine Kurt. And may have been first times occurring and it was a multi chapter Fic!

Hopefully someone can understand my nonsense!