April 12th, 2015

Specific Search: Kurt being bullied

I don’t know if this happened in the one fic, or if I’m confusing 2 separate fics…I suspect it may be 2 separate fics, and it’s just getting messed up in my head.

1. Karofsky (?) beats the daylights out of Kurt in the locker room. I'm fairly certain that he urinates on him at one point. Someone (I think Azimio) walks in and has a wtf? moment, and calls for help.

2. Kurt ends up bashed and (I think) tied to the flag pole or football goal or something. I have vague recollections of it being Finn who finds him. I’m certain Kurt doesn’t die (I found one like that in my Google searching), because that's something I wouldn't read.

I definitely recall that both fics are Klaine oriented and were set in season 2. Both were written around season 2-3, so they’re fairly old. I thought I had them bookmarked in my old Delicious account, but apparently not.

Anyone got any idea what the fics are?

Thanks in advance!


Okay so I read this AMAZING fic where Kurt transferred to Dalton despite not having met Blaine. Due to the bullying, he was back in the closet, and his reaction to Blaine's gayness (being shocked, running away) made everyone angry and think he was homophobic.
Are there any other fics like that? I'd love to read more closeted!assumedhomophobe!Kurt.
Hope I tagged right, this is my first post. <3