April 5th, 2015

Kurtbastian Oneshot/Two Shot???

I'm pretty sure that what I'm looking for is a oneshot, or two shot, but I'm not too positive. In this fic, sebastian is immortal and searches the world for kurt (who happens to be reincarnated around the world) In this lifetime, kurt is with blaine, and sebastian considers to leave kurt live out this life with blaine, but he decides not to. Also, Kurt's real name wasn't kurt....I think it started with a c but I'm not too positive.

Furt kiss in front of anti-gay protestors?

I read a fic where Kurt and Finn were established brothers and (at a college campus I think) they are confronted with anti-gay protestors and they make-out in order to spite them. I think Finchel and Klaine were established couples. (I'm sorry if my tags are messed up, my first entry here...)