March 29th, 2015

Klaine S1/S2

I am looking for a fic where Kurt was dating Blaine but Kurt never went to Dalton. Finn still thinks that Kurt has a crush on him. I remember a part when Kurt is making out with Blaine in his room and Finn goes down and sees them, I think Blaine leaves his bookbag with Dalton Academy sheet music in and Finn tells all of the New Directions.

Any fics similar to this too would also be very well appreciated - so Blaine is at Dalton and Kurt is at McKinley (any fics)

*FOUND Klaine fic help!!!

Blaine and Rachel were siblings and Kurt was Rachel's friend. Ever since they were about 13(i think) Rachel always walked in on Blaine in erm... sticky situations?!?! involving just Blaine :/ Then after Rachel introduces Kurt to Blaine, they go out behind Rachel's back and Rachel walks in on them one time. I remember a part where the Anderberrys go out to the supermarket and Blaine tries to sneak a bottle of lube in the shopping kart.
Any help would be great :)

Kurt is younger than everyone else

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here so I hope i'm doing it right!
Anyways awhile ago I read a fic about Kurt being a few years younger than the rest of the members in the glee club and Blaine. Basically i'm just wondering if anyone knows of any fics like it? I would prefer if it was complete but if you know of any that's not I would still love it if you could link me to it!
Also I'm really sorry if my tags are wrong!