March 26th, 2015

Kurt fic

Hi, I'm looking for a fic, it's about Kurt I'm pretty sure the pairing is Kurtbastian, Sam and Kurt are pretty much best friends, Burt gives Finn and Sam rules what Kurt does in the house stays there, he wears sweats and don't do his hair, puck is allowed to stay in the house and he sees Kurt this way and burt tells him the exact same rules.

I think I've done the tags wrong but my phone is messing up so I'll sort them out when I get on my laptop


looking for a fic that takes place in lima. kurt had a baby with sam and then sam left kurt for a woman and eventually kurt and puck get together and sam comes back and kisses kurt and puck sexes up kurt and leaves and breaks his heart. I think kurt has been making clothes for people as well. like he never left lima.

thanks in advance

'To Trust My Words' - Seblaine

Hi there. I'm looking for anyone who might have a copy of 'To Trust My Words', a sequel to 'A Boy Like That' by 'somuchpretty' on I've googled for it but none of the links work anymore though the original is still up. Would really appreciate some help, I'm dying to read this sequel!