March 25th, 2015


FOUND: Kurtbastian Fics: Since He’s Been Gone and Should Be An Interesting Year

I'm looking for two fics by one author. They were recc'd on Tumblr as:

Should Be An Interesting Year | gastlyhauntergengar | Kurt and Sebastian wind up as college roommates. Unfortunately. | College AU | rating: M | WIP.

Since He’s Been Gone (I Look In Your Eyes) | gastlyhauntergengar | Kurt comes back from his freshman year of college for spring break and finds Sebastian in the Lima Bean. At first he thinks that nothing has changed, but maybe some things have, and maybe he’ll come to appreciate that. | rating: M | complete

Apparently, the author has gone by gastly-haunter-gengar and gastly-haunter on Tumblr, ilovethesoundofviolins and  on, gastlyhaunter on LJ, and  gastlyhauntergengar on ao3. The LJ and AO3 profiles are gone. The FF profile moved, emptied and changed names to accountorphan. I've linked through as many deactivated tumblrs as possible, PM'd gastly-haunter-gengar on Tumblr and accountorphan on about a month ago, and have reached a dead end every time. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of active links or possibly send me a pdf or doc of either fic.