March 18th, 2015

AU Klaine fic. Met at bar where a few of the gang work.

I'm looking for a Klaine fic that's completely AU. The gang doesn't meet in high school. Forgive me, but I only remember bits and pieces. Kurt meets the others while working or visiting a bar where Blaine and Santana have a dueling piano act. Brittany works as a bartender there and she also teaches dancing to kids. Blaine and Santana are only at this bar location for a short while; they have a regular gig in another state for this chain. They are trying to transfer permanently though because they want to be with Kurt and Britt. I remember Kurt made an "Alice in Wonderland" dress as a birthday present for Brittany. He also went to see her dance class perform in the park.

Thanks for any help.

FOUND by grlxplr: Big Bang by xxxraquelita