March 17th, 2015

Merman!Kurt fic


I am looking for a fic that I think was on

In it Kurt is a merman, Blaine is human..
A few points I remember.. Kurt gets legs and they're at a market where they see a mermaids fin and Kurt freaks out. Later in the story Kurt is taken and kept prisoner in a tank with not enough salt so he is slowly dieing, I think the story was complete but not sure.

Please and thanks!

MPreg Kurt in patriarchal society

I'd like to find a fic in which Kurt is intersex(?) and therefore treated like a woman by the people in his village. Blaine falls in love with him and wants to marry him but it takes a while for Kurt to get used to. I remember that Karofsky was in love with Kurt and tried to abort his pregnancy due to jealousy. At the end, I believe the village elders relent and allow Kurt to choose his masculine identity and it ends with them being happy. I also remember Brittany was part of the fic and helped Kurt construct his house despite it being a patriarchal society where women were allowed to do only household work.
Any help would be appreciated.