March 11th, 2015


I am looking for two fics, both are werewolf klaine

1. Both Kurt and Blaine are werewolf, they live in the same pack, know each other since they are born. Kurt is an alpha,or will be after Burt...
I remember in the beginning there is a scene when Blaine is with Carol at a lake when Sebastian attack them, then Kurt Burt Sam and Noah save them. At some point Kurt and Blaine are mated, and Blaine became pregnant
I think Cooper show up at some point too

2. Blaine is a werewolf Kurt is human. They met during hihz school and start date. Blaine's uncle is the leader of the pack, and Blaine ask permission to show Kurt what he is. I remember that Kurt scream and faint.
Kurt always call Blaine puppy.
In the end they live in New York and Blaine uncle get hit by a car and Blaine feel it and get sick and the pizza guy (?) call 911 and get him to the hospital, but they just make it worse, and Kurt bring him home and give him chocolate and help him. Then they go back to Lima, where Blaine sister (?) will be the new leader, and in the end they run together

I read both like twice already and now I can't find them, so I am really hope you guys can help me

EDIT: I found the second one, I actually mixed up the story and its sequel: Trust and Honesty ( and the sequel: Missing The Center (