March 8th, 2015

Looking for a fic involving married Klaine!

If I'm remembering correctly, in this fic Kurt and Blaine are married but going through a lot of problems (fighting, ignoring eachother, etc.). After a fight one day, Blaine calls his mom for advice and his mom dies in a car crash while they're on the phone. This makes Kurt and Blaine's marriage problems even worse and Blaine starts to treat Kurt even worse. Cooper (and possibly Rachel) decide to send them on a cruise (?) to give them some time alone to fix their marriage. Kurt and Blaine meet another married couple there and become good friends. The wife tries to help them mend their marriage. I think I got everything right, hopefully I didn't mix a couple different stories into one! I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me find this great story! :) I hope I tagged this correctly too, first time posting here!