March 1st, 2015

Kurt Angst

Hey, so I really like any fanfics that are angsty and Kurt-centric but I've read so many that i can rarely find new fics to read so if anyone can recommend anything that would be great. :)

P.S I especially enjoy when Kurt is at Dalton. Also I do not ship Kurt with Karosky, Finn, or Will (Do people ship that? I don't know...)
  • wopt70

Burt Hummel fic

I'm looking for a Burt centric fic. Its maybe three chapters long, but long chapters. It is from Burt's POV  and starts when Kurt is just a baby and ends after he comes out. At one point, Kurt's mom takes him from Burt because she thinks he is intolerant, but it works out, another part has them at a family event where Kurt's aunts are gossiping about him so they leave. It's amazing, and i feel like it has angel or watch over you in the title. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!