February 3rd, 2015

Specific Klaine fic search

Okay, so I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is beaten up, and Blaine (who is a year older) comes home from college to help Kurt out and stuff. I remember they get into a big fight about how Kurt is selfish(?), or something about Kurt.

Kurts aunt is a lesbian and Kurt found out that Burt outed her in high school and gets mad about it. The part I left off of was when Klaine meet with the girlfriend of his aunt because she proposes, but Kurt's aunt says no because she wants all states to be legal for gay marriage before she gets married.

I appreciate any help :D thanks.

P.S. I'm new at posting anything at LJ, so let me know if I need to change the tags or anything.

Blaine and Kurt attacked

Hi all,

I've been searching for weeks for a fic someone recommended to me, don't have the name of it which doesn't help! Have searched the tags here but no luck!

Kurt and Blaine are attacked in an alleyway, kurt left unconscious, blaine is reluctant to be looked at at the hospital, we later find out he was assaulted, with kurt in the hospital and Blaine staying at the Hummels house he try's to hide what happened, hides his dirty, bloody clothes in a cupboard on the bathroom which carol later finds and sees evidence of what happened, when they get to the hospital to talk to blaine who is visiting kurt, Blaine has broken down and told kurt everything!

Ps, I hope I get the tags right, I know I always miss a few!

puckurt story

looking for a fic where the glee club is meeting for the last time before they all graduate and rachel makes them say what they want by the time they are thirty. kurt wants to be married, i think mercedes wanted to be on american idol? rachel wanted to either be on broadway or win a tony and finn wanted to own a pizzaria i think. rachel emails them throughout the story and then calls puck when its getting close to kurts birthday. they end up married.


looking for a fanfic

ok im looking for a fanfics were new directions get tired of mr schuester whating for the last minute for a setlist I know that finn takes over the glee club they sneak extra practice like singing and dancing more solos I think it is kurt point of view they later make up with mr schuester they end up wining I know that and the end its one of those 10 years later were they tell the new glee glub what there doing with there lives now I sure that it end up being a kurt and puck pairing