January 26th, 2015

Kurt gets sick?

I found it a few days ago but didn't bookmark it. All I can remember specifically is that it was a multi chapter fic and in one chapter, I believe it was a flashback in this chapter, Kurt basically found out that he was a father or father to be, I think and promptly threw up all over the floor of his kitchen. Burt and Kurt talked before the smell of Kurts mess got to both Burt and Kurt.
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Kurtbastian AU, president!Kurt

Hi, I'm looking for a Kurtbastian oneshot. I’m positive I’ve read it on tumblr something like a couple of years ago. I remember the plot pretty well, I just can’t seem to find it. I hope one of you lovely people will be able to help me.
The story starts when Kurt wins the primary election over Sebastian. Then Sebastian gets appointed as his vice, and together they win the presidential election. When the story ends, Kurt is the first gay president of the US and they’re secretly lovers, because Sebastian is not out and he has a wife, mostly for political reasons.
Details that could help:
- they’re in the democratic party
- Kurt wants Rachel to be their official spokesperson but Sebastian prefers Santana
- at some point Kurt is alone in his hotel room and watches Sebastian’s debate on TV
Ring any bells?

Puck pushes kurt and author?

I'm looking for an author, I swear 'angst' is in her name and she writes a lot of kurt!whump, I might be mixing this up but I think she did a fic that has Puck freak out and push kurt into a glass cabinet at school? (I think she writes a lot of Puckurt)

So yeah that story and this mystery author?

Thanks in advance fellow Gleeks!

(I'll be at a computer soon to do the tags, I'm sorry but my iPad won't let me and I'm desperate for the help!)