January 22nd, 2015

Klaine; Blaine's family stays at Hudmel's; Mr. Anderson POV

Looking for a story read a long time ago on fanfictionnet. Mr. Anderson POV. Story ranges from when Blaine was little to his time at Dalton. It shows Mr. Anderson's struggle with Blaine's coming out and being with Kurt. The Anderson's come to Lima and stay with Kurt for some kind of showcase at Dalton and Burt doesn't like Mr. Anderson at first but by the end they get along. The turning point is when Kurt and Mr. Anderson go to the store for black socks and he realizes that Blaine is still the same boy he raised.
Also, there is significance to a BOb Marley song, Three Little Birds, I think. I could swear the title was something like "white horses" but I cannot find it.

Bad Romance stories

There are two I am looking for. The first is Kurt has all of the girls in his room, Racheal might not be there but I think she is, They discuss the outfits and work on making them together.

The second is the boys asking Kurt for help picking out things for the Kiss costumes. One spot has Puck commenting that if Kurt can where platform boots so can he. Puck ends up asking Kurt over to help him learn to walk.

Thank you in advance!

Sebklaine Fic Search

I am looking for a fic where Finn tells Burt that Kurt is checking him out and making him uncomfortable. Burt confronts Kurt and Kurt ends up collapsing. It comes out that Kurt is dating Blaine and Sebastian.

Doctor and Nurse Klaine

Hi anyone who's reading this!
I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is a nurse (I think) and Blaine is a doctor. Everyone wonders what's Blaine's sexuality is, because he has never said if he's gay or not. He always flirts with Kurt in the locker room but Kurt never does the same because he has still not moved on from his late husband Sam. Sam died from cancer. On Kurt and Blaine's first date, Kurt finds out that Blaine has a daughter and is divorced from a woman and also finds out that Blaine is bi. David karofsky is also in it because he has a son and a wife and his son has cancer and Kurt is his nurse. Later on in the story Blaine's ex-wife and her husband die in a car crash and Blaine gets his daughter to live with him.


Found Healing Hearts