November 22nd, 2014

Jesse and Kurt, Season one

Are there any good stories where Jesse goes after Kurt instead of Rachel in season one? I've read Threads of Maybes and Might Have Beens, but are there any where it's a main/major focus? Either where they end up together or Kurt rejects Jesse because he thinks he's a spy.
Also, are there stories where Kurt is scouted by Vocal Adrenaline? Preferably also season one, but it's an interesting idea I saw in the angst meme. Whether he accepts or not, or ND finds out... Anyway, thanks!
Cassie Hoodie

2 fics

1. A fic where Kurt and Blaine are together and everything is great but Blaine's Dad is attracted to Kurt. I think there is a scene where Mr. Anderson tries to touch Kurt when he was leaving Blaine's house.

2. Early Kurt, when he wanted to join Glee club back when that Sandy guy was running it, but Burt wouldn't let him because he didn't like the way Sandy was looking at Kurt.

Thanks in advance.