November 20th, 2014

Glee - Kurt & Mercedes - 4 Minutes

Looking for Kurt-centric recs

I've been in the mood for something new and I have read just about everything several times in this category I have, so I'm hoping you all can help. I'm looking for stories, long or short where Kurt basically is a BAMF or just wins at life in general. I've got no preference for pairings, even gen, but really don't like Kurtofsky or romantic Furt. I've found that I like crossovers from reading the wonderful gleefulmusings. I love longer fics so if you have any I'd really appreciate if they were passed along. Thanks!

Klaine Fanfiction Please Help

I was reading through the FanFic people were looking for and found one I also want to read now but she/he does not seem to be getting any answer so I thought I would ask again this is what they wrote

" From what I can remember, Blaine is a singer or superstar of some sort and I think he answers an ad about someone looking for a roommate. It turns out to be Kurt and so when they meet Blaine instantly flirts with him but Kurt doesn't fall for it. They start to get along and I believe Blaine makes breakfast for Kurt and stuff but then they get into a fight and Blaine walks out to his concert. He brings someone home and when Kurt gets home he hears how loud they are and thinks Blaine's doing this on purpose to make him jealous. The next morning he sees Blaine cooking breakfast for the guy and instantly gets upset and when Blaine tries talking about it Kurt gets mad. Blaine and him fight again? - but Blaine tells him that he made breakfast for him too and left it in the fridge/oven/microwave
There was also something about notes on the fridge I think "

Please help us both find this thank you