November 15th, 2014

Kurt Angst, Some Mild ND-Bashing

So there was this story I read awhile ago, but I can't find it. It was about the bullying at McKinley, specifically Kurt, and the ND were kind of jerks (so, mild character bashing?) for the start but guilty later. I think they were talking in the library, and Kurt came back to get his bag but they couldn't see him and while he was out of view he overheard them talking about how he wasn't bullied any worse than they were. At a later point Kurt got seriously hurt but didn't mention it because of what he'd heard, but the truth comes out and they're all super guilty. Also, any recs of other stories like that would be awesome! Thanks!
  • tayla36

Kurt/Dave fic, Dave apologizes to Burt

Dave apologizes to Burt and offers to work off the money the family had to spend to send Kurt to Dalton.  He also comes out to Burt.  Burt sympathizes and let's Dave work around the house.  Kurt drools over the new gardener for a while before he realizes it's Dave.