November 11th, 2014


I remember quite a while now reading a good fanfic but sadly, I didn't bookmark the page so long story short, I lost it. I remember Blaine going out with someone else other than Kurt but Klaine eventually happen (I think). 'The remedy' by Jason Mraz is part of the story. Blaine sings it and he says he messes up the words as he is singing it with the Warblers. I think Blaine may ride a motorbike?!?!?! I maybe mixing multiple stories together.
If anyone gets back to me I would be eternally grateful!!!
Thanks x

scene re different types of show choir


Im looking for help finding the fic with the following scene where they are talking about different types of show choir (dont know who) but there are basicly three types and they use warblers, vocal adrenaline and new directions as examples warblers where the sway and step type not sure by vocal adrenaline and new directions where sing and dance all over the stage type.

im not sure on the exact details but its been bugging me most of the day does this ring any bells i have no idea where to start looking I usually read kurt with puck, sebastion or elliot if this helps but have read most pairing and genres so it could be anywhere.

Its a long shot but all help greatly appreciated.