November 6th, 2014


Model Kurt

I'm looking for a story where Kurt ends up modeling and being on the cover for Vogue. He and Santana to to London to participate in a fashon show, and Kurt helps Santana become a model. There are billboards up around New York that have Kurt's picture on them and Rachel is jealous that Kurt is famous. Burt buys several copies of vogue to show people, especially Shuester and Sue to somehwhat rub it in Schuester's face that Kurt became famous first before his precious Rachel did.

Kurt as Riff (or other WSS casting)

In season three, with the big school musical, it kinda bites that Kurt got a non-singing part. I think his audition would've made him a good Riff, so I'd like to see a story with that casting, but it'd also be nice to see basically any story with the school musical as a plot thing where Kurt gets a singing role. Any recs? Thanks!
Also, I wasn't sure about the AU tag since it's a smallish change, but I put it in just in case. Are the other tags alright?