November 2nd, 2014

Looking for a fic

It was called "Do You Believe Me Now" Kurt was drugged and assaulted by Sebastian and because pregnant. He and Blaine broke up and Blaine started dating Sebastian but found out what Sebastian did. They had a paturnity test done.... Can anyone help?

fallen angel

Kurt bullies and writes

Hi, i've been searching for this for a while now. I 'm pretty sure i was on fanfiction, but I can't be positive.

In this Glee fic, Kurt and Blaine are straight. Kurt is somewhat undercover as a gay guy to write about the life of someone that's gay. He is writing a book about it and the cover, which is described in the last chapter has his back with i think the word FREAK carved into it. Kurt in this story goes by the name Elijah, when he's his straight personality. During the story, Finn and Puck find out by accident when Blaine and Kurt are hanging out at this house. Also at the end, he's showing off the book with i think oprah, but i can't be sure.