October 5th, 2014

Eh.. Klaine again?

Hi guys, I wanted to ask if anybody remembers fic about klaine working in some magazine or newspaper's? And I don't remember much just one scene in which Kurt asked Blaine (in office) to smile at him and Bee said he'll smile at him always or something like that and then he smiled and something like 'half of the women in the office sighed' because of it or what. And klaine aren't together on the beginning I think but.. Can you pretty please help me find it?


All I can remember is that it had Finn as the bad guy. Puck is taken out to the football field and Finn and the some members from the football team and is beaten up and nailed to the field goal. Santana was in on the deal. I think it was because Finn was in love with Noah.
Found: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6654423/1/What-did-you-do

Kurt/Sebastian story help

I'm tryin to find a story where Kurt and Elliot are in a coffee shop or something and Kurt tells Elliot he called off his engagement to Blaine because he was trying to control every aspect of Kurt's life, and then Sebastian shows up and ends up praising Kurt for dumping Blaine.