September 22nd, 2014

Blaine Loses His Memory

Looking for a Klaine Fan-Fiction were something happen before the story began which cause Blaine to lose his memory of Kurt. And his parent try to keep it that way by not telling Blaine about and Kurt not letting Kurt see Blaine. But Kurt and Blaine meet anyway and start dating again. (Blaine has no knowledge of his past relationship with Kurt at the time) Blaine finds out later in the story about hat his Parent did and get mad. Sorry it short but I read this a while ago and want to now if it has been updated up and I can't find it Also again I read this a long time ago so I might have gotten some of the detail wrong so if you know something similar to this but some things are different please still post it because it could turn out to be what I am looking for Thank You For You Help
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AU future fic

I'm trying to think of a story I read some time ago, and unfortunately I don't remember too much and it’s like an itch I can't scratch:

Kurt and Blaine are older (I think post college age), not together, I think they never were, and are very close friends.  I believe Kurt is also very close to Rachel.  I think one of them (maybe both) has a boyfriend.

The scene I remember takes place at a crowded party, Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel are in attendance and I think their SO's are there as well. K, B, & R were trying to keep track of each other via texts and phone calls.  Everyone drinks a significant amount, and ultimately Kurt and Blaine end up alone in a bedroom and I think they sleep together, they minimally fool around a bit.  The next morning they claim ignorance of the previous night's events, although one of them (Blaine, I think) actually does remember and was much less inebriated than he let on the night of the party.

I'm assuming that it was completed and a bit on the longer side.  Also, Kurt and Blaine end up together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Klaine Fanfiction

I was reading a Fan-Fiction and my computer crash and I had to reset it and now I can not remember the name of said Fanf-Fiction and can not find it anywhere Please help

I only read the first few chapters before my computer crash so they is not much to go on. It starts with Kurt throwing Rachel a bachelorette party were the Police show up who happen to be Puck and Blaine who are really just strippers Santana order Blaine strip for Rachel but takes a liken to to Kurt. And they start dating. Also Kurt lies to his Dad about how he met Blaine. This was on

Boys Room

Okay so there's this fanfic that I just CANNOT find and it's really bugging me.

Here are some facts I remember.

Kurt has to share a room with the guys and he tries to beg Mr. Scheu to let him rent his own room but Mr. S won't let him.
The guys carry Kurt's luggage into the elevator and someone (Sam?) makes a joke about them working for Kurt one day.
Kurt takes a walk around the floor with his iPod and when he comes back he assumes that the guys he has to sleep with lost a bet or something.
Kurt sleeps on the floor but bangs against the metal of the bed and Sam thinks her fell off. Kurt sleeps in between Sam and Puck and accidentally humps Puck.
Freaks out and passes out

Any ideas?

Kurt and sexual insecurity

Hi folks.
I'm after some recs for fics in which Kurt (and Blaine) has to work through his insecurities about sex as revealed in 'sexy'. I know I've read about a million fics of this sort but I can't seem to be able to find any of them. I was rereading wordplay's phenomenal 'getting to sexy' ( and had the urge to read about Kurt getting over being a baby penguin.
Thanks in advance! And if you haven't read it go read wordplay's fic!