September 1st, 2014

Little!kurt daddy!blaine fic


Looking for a specific fic where blaine and kurt have a daddy/little relationship where kurt has regressed full time to the point where we wears diapers 24/7!

There's a time where they have to go back to Lima for something (I think it was Burt and carols anniversary party) which they have avoided for years due to how regressed kurt is!

There's a scene on the flight to Lima where kurt have to change his own pull up in the plane bathroom which he's really proud of himself when he does it all on his own!

When back in Lima his friends and family grow concerned that blaine is abusing him because Rachel asks if blaine has ever hit him and kurt says yes but he means only a spanking when he's been bratty. Everyone tried to keep blaine away from him and kurt is calling for his 'daddy' which Burt thinks is him!

In the end they have to explain their relationship! Can't remember much else but if someone knows the fic I'd love to read it again!

Dave Karofsky outed fic

I'm looking for a fic where someone sends Jacob Ben Israel incriminating photos of Dave in an attempt to get Jewfro to out Dave to everyone. Israel confronts Dave about it and in a rare act of kindness tells Dave he won't post it on his blog, but that he also doesn't know who gave him the photos.

A series of events occur that were meant to ruin Dave's life, including being kicked out and I believe Rachel's dads takes him. It turns out that it was Blaine all along trying to out and ruin Dave's life and Kurt goes into a rage.

I'm having a hard time trying to find this fic. Please help.

Looking For Klaine Fanfiction

If any one could help me out that be great I am looking for a Klaine fan-fiction which is basically just a bunch of dabbles I think one of which is about a girl who hits on Blaine and doesn't believe he is gay when he tells her so she to hit on him so. Put then Puck pretend to be his boyfriend or something like that and she leaves but then she hits on Kurt and doesn't believe he is gay either.