August 30th, 2014

Blangst fic needs finding

Ok so in this story Blaine goes on an online support group for people that have been sexually assaulted because he was assaulted by the dean of dalton. he meets kurt through the support group and when he comes to visit him for the first time, the dean attempts to assault him again but david and wes catch him. please help!

A Klaine Hybrid Story

A Klaine Fanfiction I read long time ago. It is a hybrid Kurt fanfiction were Blaine buy Kurt at a pet store and takes him home. Kurt think Blaine wants him for sex because that's what he is told at the pet store. but Blaine just want to be friends.

Some parts I remember are
1: They a part were they eat Pizza together ( Blaine got fish because Kurt was a cat but Kurt ended up not liking the fish)

2: Kurt also goes into heat and him and Blaine have sex

Kurt Sexual Abuse Fics

I feel kinda bad for asking for this, but I'd love for anyone to recommend me any good fics where Kurt's being sexually abused (preferably not by Karofsky.) Maybe someone like Sebastian, Mr. Schue, Blaine's dad, Sandy Ryerson, whoever. I'd also like Blaine to be involved in some way (it's not a necessary, but it would be nice)