August 21st, 2014


Karofosky PFLAG meeting

I’m looking for a fic about the PFLAG group Kurt starts that Karofsky is a part of. It’s Klaine fic.

I only remember one scene, they were having a meeting at Kurt’s home in the garden, when they start clearing up, Karofsky and Kurt are alone and he either tries or succeeds in kissing Kurt, Blaine sees, he may punch David, I can’t remember, Burt is also there. Any help would be great. This is definitely unrequited between David and Kurt, Kurt is not interested in him at all.

Thanks for any help.
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Famous! Blaine/ Age Difference! Klaine


I'm looking for a specific Klaine with with famous! Blaine. He's turned into a sort of celebrity badboy!Blaine. Before Blaine was famous, Blaine worked in Burt's shopped and Burt cared for him. Blaine and Kurt were sort of, despite Blaine being older. After having fame issues, Blaine returns to Lima, where he and Kurt connect and become more than friends.

Can anyone help me identify this fic?

Thank you!