August 16th, 2014

Kurt/Finn fics archive

Hi everyone !

I'm pretty new to this fandom (6 months) so I'm discovering the websites little by little. I found "Scarves and coffee" for Klaine fics and "It could happen" for Crisscolfer fics and those sites are really great so I was wondering : is there a similar website for the Kurt/Finn pairing (Furt ? Kinn ? Apparently both are used equally so I don't know which one I should use) ?

If so, Could you give me the url please ?

Thanks in advance (and sorry about my non-Glee icon :) )

Searching for a kurt/Puck friendship fic

Hi, I am searching for a kurt/Puck friendship fic. It's a little bit difficult, because I remember only one scene: Kurt is in Dalton and the Warblers a protective of him. Puck comes to the campus and wants to speak to his 'princess (I think). The Warblers form a protective barrier, because the know that Kurt was bullied by a dangerous jock, and Puck seems to fitt with his mohawk and general built. Kurt pushs through the Warblers and begins to talk to Puck. The others a slightly dumbfounded, that Kurt seems to be friends with this jock. Noah wants to find Karofsky (i think) and Kurt says, that he shouldn't, because he doesn'Ät want, that Puck ends up in juvie again.
(This scene is at the evening, I think?) Anybody knows, what I am talking about? Thanks for the help!
Blaine bow tie

Specific Klaine fic - Blaine is Kurt's daughter's teacher

I am looking for a specific Klaine fic. Blaine was Kurt's daughter's (I think her name was Hailey) elementary school teacher. One night Blaine is at school late and I think Kurt goes to bring him dinner. Kurt's ex (I think) shows up and ends up shooting Blaine. The school janitor calls the police. Kurt blames himself for Blaine getting shot.
Thats all I remember and I may have mixed up two fics...I just can't find this classroom scene.
I've tagged my post, but it doesn't seem to show on the preview so I'm sorry if the tags don't come through!

Found! One Moment
Blaine alone

Specific Klaine BDSM Story

I'm looking for a story where Blaine is a professional Dom for a company that videos and sells the results. Kurt is a virgin (or at least a virgin to kink) who needs money and signs up to be introduced to BDSM on camera. He's matched with Blaine and ends up doing several tapes with him. There's also a scene where Blaine's late for some reason and a female Dom tries to work with Kurt, before Blaine rescues him.

I've checked the usual sites and the threads here, but couldn't find it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

FOUND in comments.

Specific Klaine fic where Kurt is a model and Blaine is his manager/agent

I've been looking for this one forever. If you know it that would be really appreciated. If not, if you know any fics that are similar or have similar themes (I love angst!) then I would love to hear your recs!

Kurt is a teenage model and very famous, but the industry is very dark and he is struggling not to let himself drown. He has an eating disorder and everyone around him is really messed up. He's also sleeping with Blaine, who is much older and his manager or something and who basically discovered him.

Blaine knows the relationship is unhealthy and he feels so awful for having sex with Kurt, but he keeps doing it because he needs to. He also has a lot of guilt over bringing Kurt into the industry to begin with and also has a cocaine addiction. I think he also refuses to have anal sex with Kurt because he wants there to be one first time he doesn't take from him and so he can have a first time with someone he loves. But then Blaine eventually does that too.

I remember a scene where Kurt goes and hangs out with some models and they're all getting high and Kurt is just so depressed. There's also a scene where Burt finds out about everything and flips out. In the end I'm pretty sure Blaine and Kurt run away together.

Thanks! (And I'm categorizing this as rape/dub-con because the age difference could legally be statutory rape depending on where you live, fyi )