July 26th, 2014

Kurt/Blaine Two Part story

The first story is set before Carole and Burt were together. Blaine and Kurt go to a different High School and have known each other their entire lives. Their parents are close. Blaine and Kurt had recently gotten together, but are being bullied badly. The Andersons want to pay for both boys to go to Dalton, but Burt won't allow it until Kurt gets thrown down a flight of stairs and breaks his arm. The boy that did it threatened him. When the truth comes out, they transfer the boys.

The boys slowly make friends with the Warblers and join as well. Kurt and Blaine are nervous of a repeat so are slow to make friends.

In the second story Finn is introduced to Kurt and flips out because he is gay. It takes a while for him to come around. I haven't finished this one yet.

Any help would be great.