July 24th, 2014

klaine by crystallicrain


I'm looking for a fic where Blaine is famous and dating Kurt. He's staying with the Hummel's for Christmas, and for Kurt's gift he gets Lady Gaga to skype with Kurt on Christmas morning. That's really all I remember lol. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks in advance! :)

Faberry then Pezberry endgame

Hi I'm looking for a fic where Quinn and Rachel are dating but Quinn breaks up with Rachel and starts dating puck to be popular. Quinn is then awful to Rachel and Santana is there to protect Rachel and they become friends and then more. I believe it is on fanfiction.net thank you in advance also i do love faberry too i just love protective Santana a little more.

Famous Blaine FanFiction

Looking for a Klaine FanFiction I read a while back were Blaine is famous and accidently tweets his phone number on Twitter where Kurt sees it and calls him to warn him then a lot of stuff happen and they end up dating. Also if I remember right Blaine is famous because he is a actor on a popular TV show Please Help I never finish it and would really like to ❤Thanks❤