July 12th, 2014

oh noes

dubcon/rape rachel/Finn with Klaine telling the story

Specific oneshot/meme? search (was that when I read it at least). Blaine and Kurt comes home from a date and find Finn tied to his bed with Kurt's scarves. He's nude, in shock and Rachel is nowhere to be seen despite the two of them being supposed to be together. They manage to untie him and then call an ambulance where Finn responds negatively to the female paramedic with somewhat similar hair to Rachel. They call Burt/Carole and find that (... perhaps earlier or at the end - most likely at the end) Rachel was tired of waiting for Finn to 'be ready' so she drugged his drink and tied him to the bed and had her way with him without his consent. Cue issues (that are not really resolved but the truth has been found). ... Help?

kitty Kurt fic

Hi everyone. I need help finding a fix I read awhile back. In it Kurt is a cat hybrid but no one knows. Its during a glee club meeting where everyone is their with their siblings. The girls are also cat hybrids. Everyone is surprised when Kurt plays with the kids. If anyone knows it or the link for it I would be greatful