July 6th, 2014

Kurt centric Artie bashing fics.

Hello I am looking for any fics that are Kurt centric with character bashing. Not Kurt bashing but other members. I read a few with Blaine and Finn and puck. I'm looking for rare ones like Artie bashing or Mercedes. As for pairings, if you could avoid klaine and madam, I am not a fan of those ones at all. Thank you all also if any tags are wrong I say sorry now

Puck/rachel fic search

Hello! I'm trying to find a puckleberry fic I read ages ago. The plot goes something like this- Rachel's dads' force her to go live with puck's family for a short period of time. Both puck and rachel hate the idea and I think puck is forced to give up his room or something. Ultimately of course they start becoming friends, he helps her out with the kids at school etc. please let me know if anyone can remember the name of this fic or where I can find it. I had assumed that it was a fic by smc-27 (who writes brilliant puckleberry fics) but I can't seem to find it on her livejournal.

Thank you!