June 26th, 2014

Kurt has a daughter with OFC, Blaine has Leukemia

I read a story about a year ago that was about Kurt having a daughter with a female non-glee member, after a heavy drinking night, because her brother died overseas. Kurt and Blaine had broken up because Blaine told Kurt he had cheated, when he really had leukemia and didn't want Kurt to know. Burt and Carole knew because the took him to his appointments. So after 10 months after Kurt's daughter is born, Blaine moves to New York and starts working for the mother's Bakery (or coffee shop, I can't remember which), but Kurt doesn't know this until he comes in one day.

Other information: Sebastian and Kurt are friends, and Blaine and Santana are friends. If I remember right at one point, Blaine gets sick again, and Finn and Puck are the EMT's that pick him up to take him to the hospital.

Finn obsessed with Kurt

I am looking for a story where Kurt is either with Sam or Blaine. Finn doesn't like it and I think he tries to break them up. Finn doesn't necessarily want to be with Kurt, he just wants Kurt to only want him. I think it is either Blaine or Sam that points it out. The confrontation might have happened in the auditorium. Any story similar to would also be appreciated