June 12th, 2014

Faberry fic with Pezberry friendship

All I remember is Rachel suddenly being friends with Santana, I think because she went with Santana for her boob job. Quinn is suspicious and possibly jealous. That's all I really remember.

Another fic I am looking for is one where Rachel is raped. The glee club finds out about it when she has a panic attack on the stage after Will grabs her arm. She falls down on her knees and they can see bruises on her thighs.

I've thought of another one that I can't remember the name of. My issue is I tend to remember scenes or parts of chapters in a fic and not the plot or anything else about it. In the one I remember Brittany is talking to Rachel and she's sad cause she knows she won't be able to get into college. Rachel tells her she will help her and then Brittany goes and tells Santana that she's going to go to college. Idk anything other than that part.

Sad fabbery fic, straight Rachel

There's a fic I read maybe a couple years ago that I want to re-read but can't find. I think it was on ff.net. It's post-high school, Quinn's in Yale and Rachel's in New York, but they meet from time to time and gradually form a relationship. When it's about talking and spending time together, Rachel seems to like it, but she's kind of reluctant with kisses. When it comes to sex, she tries to always satisfy Quinn but not let Quinn touch her. There's a time Quinn insists on taking the lead and Rachel is not aroused and fakes an orgasm. In the end of the fic, possibly in Yale, Rachel explains to Quinn she loves her platonically but just can't be attracted to another woman though she's been trying.

Sorry for the awkward retelling, some parts may be mixed up. But I really want to re-read the fic and I remember neither its title nor the autor's name. So if someone recognizes it from this post and can direct me to the story, I'll be extremely grateful!