May 24th, 2014


klaine circus au

hey there

i was wondering if any of you knew any good circus!au klaine stories ? the longer the better. i really don't care what kind of performers they are or which genres they drop in or anything. i simply just want to read something which takes place in circus

bonus points if sebastian is involved !

thank you

Married Klaine

Hey Guys!

I am looking for a specific story. Kurt and Blaine was in New York and after the government legalized gay marriage they went to the city hall and get married but didn't tell anybody maybe after a month they get back together and they tell the others that they are dating again. After a while I don't remember why they decided to tell the others but they didn't want them to get upset they tell them that they are engage and that they get married in New York without anybody then have a reception in Lima. Eventually the truth comes out when Burt went to NY to the "real" wedding which are at NYADA and Klaine hire one of their classmates to be their minister and Rachel came in and everything blows up and Klaine tell the truth.